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Why attend a generic training if you can have one suited to your needs?

We want to fill the digital knowledge gap in companies. And this in an efficient manner. From our consulting experience we know that companies have a hard time transforming their traditional way of working. Becoming digital instead of doing digital requires a whole new mindset and way of working. 

As passionate digital experts we want to help companies in this transformation process. And as experienced training providers we believe that this can be done in a more efficient way than the current traditional way of working in knowledge sharing.

Being active in the market via the organisation of marketing, sales and management events, we are not only able to keep in touch with the latest trends and techniques, we also discover new talents (experts). We function as a bridge between in-company expertise and market standards.


With KOOACH, the Training-as-a-Service company, we organize full training programs, including assessments and follow-up, and hands-on in-company workshops on specific topics concerning the new way of working marketing and sales.


Our mission is to help companies updating their way of working and this can only be done if you work with experts that are on top of their field of expertise and who are able to provide interactive trainings (workshops) where people receive the tools and techniques that they can put immediately into practice in their daily job. Our job is to discover those talents and create training programs that support the company’s strategy by implementing the newest trends and techniques.


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Want to know more about our event consulting?

Our latest event was held on Wednesday June 21st, the GDPR Conference. A full day of insights on the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from +20 experts and practitioners. With keynotes, cases and workshops from a legal/HR, organizational and technical perspective to get you compliant by May 25th 2018.



  GDPR Conference Belgium



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